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Enjoy a Relaxing Stay in Our boutique Hotel & Restaurant. Menu at our Facebook page.                     Call our office- 518-212-2607

There is nothing worth more than spending wonderful moments with your loved ones in a beautiful place. Let Amsterdam Castle NY Inc. in Amsterdam, New York be the place where you create precious memories.  Whether you want to celebrate a milestone or spend a staycation in style, our hotel and restaurant is indispensable!

Email us or call our office, 518-212-2607, for more information! Visit our Facebook page for the latest Restaurant Menu:

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About Us

Amsterdam Castle NY Inc. is an unique hotel where people can stay and host functions and events of any size. From an iconic & spectacularly photogenic business event to company functions, gatherings, etc. Constructed by a prolific architect and builder named Isaac Perry, born 1827. Our historic building dates back to long before 1827 where a magnificent mansion stood in its place in 1736. Mr. Perry designed the famous Capitol Building in Albany among many other notable structures in the Empire State.


Our weddings are $346 per person with a minimum of 68 (sixty-eight) persons per wedding. The hotel will exclusively be cleared for that date and will include three course food & beverages with champagne exclusively for the wedding, plus exclusive overnight accommodation for 52-persons at our luxurious hotel.


“NO" Wedding photography of any kind is permitted without a written contract.  If you have not booked a wedding with us, no reservations under 21 years of age for rooms or events are valid. Wedding photography is strictly reserved & “prohibited" without a written consent from Amsterdam Castle. For quiet & tranquility of our valued Guests, Amsterdam Castle does “NOT” permit any wedding related activities, particularly booking rooms that will have more than 3-wedding party persons inside at all times or more than a maximum of 2 cars in the parking lot. Weddings are strictly booked by written contracts & the hotel will be cleared for that day. Reservations made for the purposes of holding any part of a wedding event, activity, etc, will disturb other guests. Room reservations made to hold any part of a wedding activity without a written contract are “NOT” valid. The management would like to thank the wedding organizers, personal or company wedding businesses, or individuals in advance for their generous co-operation to promote tranquility & control the unauthorized access to the castle by unregistered individuals. Thank you again. 

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